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21 Best Places For A First Date

The first date says a lot about what's going to happen between you and a woman. Here are my favorite places to take a woman on a first date...

21 Best Places For A First Date

21 Best Places For A First Date

The first date says a lot about what’s going to happen between you and a woman. Here are my favorite places to take a woman on a first date…

1. Coffee shop

If the date is going well, you can make it last a lot longer, but if you’re not into her then you can cut it short after 20 minutes. It’s also a lot cheaper than a dinner.

2. Dave and Busters/Arcade/Chuck E Cheese

Women love a challenge, and you can use the games to keep both of you engaged and have fun. If you’re both doing something fun, she will associate the fun she’s having with you and feel attraction towards you.

3. Mini golf

This is along the same lines as an arcade. It’s easy to bust on her golf skills and banter about the game, and it isn’t too competitive or fast where you’ll be distracted.

4. Rock climbing

Anything outdoors is great because it will set you apart from all the other guys who go on typical boring dates. It’s also a great way to qualify her by seeing if she’s up to the challenge of an adventurous activity.

5. Going for ice cream

Getting a woman thinking about the positive parts of her childhood is always a great way to get her attracted to you, and what better way than to do this with ice cream? Ice cream is fun and most people don’t get it very often so it makes a great date idea.

5. Grocery store

While it may at first seem boring or unusual, going to a grocery store can work to your advantage. You are essentially inviting her into a part of your life that you are already engaging in, so you aren’t putting to much pressure on a “date”, trying to impress her, or going out of your way for her, which shows your preselection. It provides for lots of opportunities to challenge her and show your playful side, such as accusing her of stealing milk.

6. Picnic in the park

As previously mentioned, anything outdoors is a solid bet. Women typically only go on picnics with good friends and family and don’t do it very often, so they will see it as a rare treat and already start to think of you as someone she is close to.

7. Zoo

Animals at the zoo provide endless hours of entertainment, which can keep her wanting to stay on the date because of the fun she’s having.

8. Mall

Like the grocery store, going to the mall with a woman is like inviting her into your life, rather than you trying to force your way into her. You can put her in the role of your personal shopping assistant, which places you in a dominant position. As a bonus, women love style and helping guys out so you can get some new clothes that others will find attractive.

9. Going for drinks

With this one it’s important to choose the venue carefully, as you want it to be quiet enough so that you can talk and get to know her. This is a good date for a woman who is more extroverted or a party girl, as it can be a better environment than a coffee shop. It’s also a good way to mix it up after going on other kinds of dates.

10. Comedy show

A comedy show is a guaranteed way to get her laughing, and she’ll associate the positive emotions of the show with you. She’ll also be in a great mood after the show, so you can propose other activities for the night while both of your states are high.

11. Hookah bar

This type of date is similar to going to drinks, but hookah bars tend to have a more chilled out atmosphere and are more laid back than most bars. It also helps you avoid looking like you just chose a bar to get her drunk.

12. Karaoke

If you have a great singing voice, show it off! And if you don’t, there’s no better way to show off your playful side then by making fun of your inability to sing well. Being able to sing in front of people takes a ton of confidence, and she’ll definitely take notice of this.

13. Going for a hike or walk

This is another type of date where you’re in control of how long the date will last, since you can turn around at any time. The more unknown factors you remove from the date environment, the more likely it is to go smoothly. Also, talking while hiking is a great way to get to know someone since people are usually open when they are out in nature.

14. Museum

You can use a trip to a museum to show off your intellectual side, but also keep it light and playful. Even a children’s’ museum could be a good idea since it will bring out the playfulness in both of you.

15. Dance class

Many guys struggle with initiating touch on a date, and if you take a class like salsa dancing, this completely removes that hurdle. Dancing is a wonderful way to get intimate and physical fast.

16. Ice skating

This is a lot like dancing, especially if she doesn’t know how to skate. You’ll be in a leading role, plus there are plenty of opportunities to touch her when you are helping her out and showing her how to skate.

17. Games and sporting events

Everyone is always in a great mood at a game. The game will give you things to talk about if the conversation dies out, but it isn’t like a movie where it overwhelms any chance you have to connect. As a plus, if the date isn’t going well, you can choose to focus entirely on the game.

18. Farmers market

This is a great laid back activity that give you a lot of options. You can get food together without the awkwardness of a sit-down dinner, and you can qualify her to make sure she lives a healthy lifestyle (if that’s something you’re looking for). As with most of these date ideas, you can control how long the date will last.

19. Cooking class or home

Cooking a meal together can be really fun, and it gives you an excuse to bring her back to your place without any discomfort. Women are attracted to men who can cook, even if it’s something really basic like spaghetti and meatballs.

20. Volunteering

There are tons of opportunities to volunteer, so pick one you enjoy, and you can screen for the type of woman you are looking for by seeing how well she handles it. This is a great idea if you leave where you’re going a surprise and see how she reacts when you tell her you’ll be volunteering.

21. Art walk

Most cities have an art walk day of the month, it’s a great place to walk, appreciate art, and low pressure environment. Most of where you go there are wine tasting. Best of all its all free!

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