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Build Self-Confidence

If you don't constantly grow as a man, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and financially, You are not living up to your potential. Read these awesome articles and watch the videos below and you'll be sure to feel like the confident, sexy man you were born to be.

Status And On Being A Cool Guy

Status And On Being A Cool Guy

Status and on Being A Cool Guy


So what is being a cool guy? For one, a cool guy is someone who does not seek others’ approval. A cool guy is someone who does not fear disapproval or being rejected. He must be able to seek his own path without asking or seeking permission from others. Most of all, a cool guy is someone who respects other people’s opinion. Another factor of being a cool guy (especially for women) is confidence in yourself and your own actions. This might be a crucial factor when approaching a woman or even asking her out on a date.

If and when you care about what other people think of you, it is basically you are saying that “YOUR OPINION OF ME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY OPINION OF MYSELF”. This is not someone who is aligned with his personal mission and life’s purpose.

Basically, this is not a healthy mindset. If you are committed to living your life as a cool and free guy, you have to establish a non-reactive equanimous mind and one that is detached from any outcome. This is basically a path for your own liberation from the attachments of being needy for people’s approval of you.

You have to be committed to a goal and at the same time not be attached.

Once you learn how to let go and understand that everything in life is changing and that nothing is constant, you will be on the right track.

Being one of the cool guys will give you that perspective of being non-judgmental. This will automatically draw more people to you, as you make them feel comfortable. You also have this dismissive attitude where others could care less of what other people think of them. This is definitely an attribute that is attractive in the eyes of not just men but women too.

In today’s society, you tend to attract the people that are more like you. If you are one of the cool guys, then you are most likely to attract other cool guys. If you are on the lame side, well, you can’t expect to attract your opposite. If you by any chance, establish your high status in the society, you will be someone that women will be attracted to and not repelled by. The higher your social status is, the more women will want to be appreciated and recognized by you. Why? Well, for one, being with you will also raise their social status.

This philosophy is not new at all. It actually goes back to the caveman age. Men always provided survival skills for their women. This includes, hunting for food, protection (from both men and wild animals), and providing shelter. We also know that it’s a woman’s duty to nurture and love you, and basically to raise your children. The better your survival skills are the more women would want to be with you. This is the same logic since the time of Adam and Eve. Basically, if you are a cool guy, both men and women would want to be with you.

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How To Program a New Belief that Empowers You?

How To Program a New Belief that Empowers You?

Our mind continuously receives information through the senses, and stores that information. The first step to solid inner game is understanding why we behave the way we do. When a particle of information is repeated frequently, it forms a belief. Beliefs impact the way we perceive our reality and the way we behave in that reality.
The inputs that support beliefs are called reference experiences. Once you have a belief about something, your brain will disregard any reference experiences that contradict the belief. We perceive reality through the filters of our beliefs. For example, if you were raised in a religious family that frowned upon sex, you will hold the belief that sex is bad.
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How To Build Confidence

How To Build Confidence

Every guy has his own shortcomings, like being bald, short, too skinny, too tale, pale, missing a limb, etc. We need to learn to communicate our confidence through that shortcoming and not be defensive about it. The key to confidence is being able to accept and make the best of the things we are insecure about.
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Fear Of Rejection

Fear Of Rejection

Most of us have some sort of fears that hinder us from accomplishing what we want in our lives. Fear exists to protect us from experiences our brains think will be dangerous and painful. You can re-frame fear of failure to become a learning experience and a feedback of our actions. Instead of telling yourself this will be dangerous and painful, you can say this will be a way to learn how to approach strangers and make friends. I want to learn something, improve my skills, and it doesn’t matter what happens because I will be learning regardless.

How many times have you seen a hot girl and wanted to approach, but you didn’t know what to say so you shied away? Approach without needing an outcome, with no goals other than to chat and get to know people. As a result you become good at approaching people. Just keep chatting with everyone. Continue reading “Fear Of Rejection” »